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Name | 项目名称:SKY EXHIBITION HALL | 时代天荟销售中心

Area | 项目面积:1500㎡

Location | 项目地点:Guang Dong Province,China | 中国广东

Client | 项目业主:Times Property | 时代地产

Architectural Design | 建筑设计:Ann Yu 余霖 | DOMANI 东仓建设

Interior Design | 室内设计:Ann Yu 余霖 | DOMANI 东仓建设

Installation & Exhibition | 装置与陈列:Ann Yu 余霖 | Ann & Vincent 桉和韦森

Construction Side | 施工单位:广州乔峰装饰工程有限公司

"This is a statement avoiding forming by adjectives."

First, we avoid simply dividing a small integrated project into 'architecture' ‘interior’ 'landscape' and ‘installations’, and are willing to use the term 'space' as a more holistic term. (The direction of "space" is of great importance in modern architecture, because it breaks through the thinking boundary of mathematical supremacy of classical architecture, and makes it return to the foundation of traditional philosophical thinking.) Not only because integrated projects are the main business types of DOMANI at present, but, more importantly, several specialties do have different scales to sort out places from different logic levels. However, when we want to start from a city trunk road to lead people into a particular field and to maximize a specific and complete spatial experience, on the basis of the optimal configuration of the given project costs, we will minimize material risk and coordinate to improve construction efficiency. The overall design becomes the necessary path and method to realize this kind of multi-win situation.




In terms of project and professional roles:Architecture and landscape fully open its' dasein'

The indoor will determine what it's all about.The installation and the parts slowly state what it actually isAs the main composition of spatial physical properties, there is an important part in a project. For the audience, the material is the material which is presented directly to the visual experience without rational reflection. But for the designer, it needs very keen perceptual capture and through the realistic rational disassembly and then it is put into practice to get the results.




Extensive and fine, soft or hard, applicability and weather resistance, price, technical difficulty, construction speed, material stability, regional, experimental, composition law and texture composition, all of which are closely related to the final results. Our habits and preferences for a single project are to conduct a more thorough and in-depth study of the physical nature and material language of the three subject materials within a controllable range and to maximize their application.

粗放与精细,柔软或硬朗,适用性及耐候性,价格,工艺难度,施工速度,材料稳定性,地域性,实验性,组成规律,肌理构成,无不与最终成果息息相关。我们对单一项目的习惯与喜好是: 在可控范围内对三种以内的主体材料进行物理性和材料语言更透彻和深入的研究并将其最大化应用。


Therefore, the artificial cement board selected in this project has been tested and practiced many times, and based on the matching structure of the project(SKY club part), construction unit experience, Party A recruitment work and other aspects of consideration, it was selected as the main space material. The starting point of this material is the research on the integration, as well as applicability and weathering of indoor and outdoor materials in pure white space.



As a sales props the existence of space, under the premise of being in line with the era of real estate specific sales model, take the concept of brand and tension as the core task, spatial differential experience as the secondary appeal, and reception function integrity as the basic task. With a life cycle of 3 years, the space itself needs to have the possibility of commercial application after 3 years. All above, in the construction cycle of two to three months, will be completely presented in a thousand square meters of the site. But what we are really interested in is: 'And until then, in this blank garden, things themselves were still deeply hidden.'

作为销售道具而存在的空间,在吻合时代地产具体销售模式的前提下以渲染关于品牌观念与张力为核心任务,空间差异化体验为次级诉求,接待功能完整为基本任务。使用周期3年,空间本身需具备3年后的商业应用可能性。以上所有,在两三个月的建设周期内完整呈现于千平米的场所。但我们真正感兴趣的是: ‘而在此之前,这块空白园地中,事情本身仍是被深深掩藏着的。



The things to which it is directed are the distant and abstract inaccessible to the senses in time and space, and the contemplation and doubt of the logic and technology of reason.

Today's business market is passionate about diversity, and its sales model makes everything look richer and more leeway than at any time in the past, and the context and content behind the product is magnified by either accuracy or inaccuracy. People are willing to take part in distant roles while observing rituals and form 'differences'. This is only the beginning, and it expands indisputably and rapidly. We only try to review some of the more original and rational methods of space creation in a fast age.

There are still many questions with a few answers, so we still need to practice.